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A Hero’s Mistake (A historical romcom adventure)

Decorated war hero Captain Stephan Carstairs’ cousin Sarah has disappeared, and his family needs him to find her as soon and as quietly as possible.  But this plan isn’t without its flaws. For one, Stephan hasn’t even seen his cousin in years, and another is he doesn’t actually know how to conduct an investigation or a rescue.  But he’s not going to let those little details stop him. As the heir to his dying uncle’s title, Stephan’s days of freedom and adventure are numbered, and he isn’t one to waste his last opportunity to be a hero.

A madman has kidnapped Cate Lang, and he is insisting that he is her cousin. He says he plans to return her to her family at her country home, never mind that Cate has never lived in the country and this fool attacked her brother to get to her. And he won’t stop calling her Sarah. At least it’s a fun adventure, and in all likelihood has ruined her chances of getting married.  Not that Cate minds that so much, but her father is going to be unhappy about it. And it’s well-accepted knowledge that making crime lord Winson Lang unhappy isn’t good for a long and healthy life.

When he realizes his mistake, Stephan and Cate go on an ill-planned adventure to find and rescue the missing Cousin Sarah!

But this adventure is turning out to be more than just an investigation. The pair is spending more and more time in each other’s arms than actually looking for the missing Sarah. Unfortunately, there are other obstacles in their way, besides their unusual situation.

Can they figure out how to make their love work?  and where is Cousin Sarah?

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A Hero’s Mistake is a historical romcom. It begins a series of historical romcoms.

A teaser for my cover will be coming soon.  So this is a teaser for my teaser.