Bloodsucker, an excerpt

Since I’m posting excerpts and all, here is one for Bloodsucker.  If you like it and want to read more, Bloodsucker is available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!



In the morning Jane awoke to find herself alone in bed. A note next to her said,


I had a lovely time with you last night. Please make yourself comfortable. I will be home around six tonight, and I would like to see you again. If you have other plans today, please call me. I don’t want to lose track of you. If you stay be warned, my mother may stop by to clean and bake. It’s what she does. I’m sure she’ll like you because she likes everyone I like.

Loren AKA Larry

“His mother,” she thought with a dark smile, “Oh, yes. I think I will stay.”

Not that she had much choice; she wasn’t a creature of the day. As she placed the note down, she realized how hungry and how naked she was. She looked around the room but couldn’t find her clothes. Then she heard noise from the kitchen. She found a pair of boxer shorts and an old college sweatshirt. As she dressed, she pondered how to explain herself to whoever was in the kitchen. Lord, she hoped it was his mother. Damn, she was starving.

“Good Morning, sleepy head,” an older woman said, as Jane entered the kitchen. “Loren warned me you might still be asleep. I fixed you some toast and eggs.”

“Good Morning” Jane replied sheepishly. Despite her age, Jane had never done the walk of shame or met the parents, let alone both in the same minute.

“Thank you for making breakfast,” Jane said as she began to compose herself. Sarah turned away from Jane, and now it was time to feed. Jane seized Sarah and knocked her to the ground. Jane bit into the back of Sarah’s arm, near her armpit. It was an area difficult to see, and the bite would heal before anyone was the wiser. Jane fed on Sarah’s limp body for several minutes, not spilling a single drop. Centuries of practice had made her extremely neat and clean when she fed. Jane also knew how much to feed. She had no intention of killing her; she just needed to feed right now. When she was finished, she straightened out her clothing and carried Sarah to the couch. Jane placed a warm compress on her head and fetched a glass of water. Sarah woke up was confused, Jane explained she had collapsed.

“Didn’t you have breakfast? You fell and hit your head! Are you hungry? Should I call Loren?” blurted Jane.

“No, don’t call Loren, he’ll just worry, and he has enough to worry about now. Please, maybe I should eat something.”

Jane handed her the plate of toast and eggs, as well as a glass of water. “Thank you, Jane. You are such a sweetheart.” Sarah cooed. “How did you meet my son, Dear?”

Jane stuttered, she didn’t know how to answer. “I met your dear son, soliciting for a trick” didn’t seem like the right response. Neither did “Your son was looking like a sexual predator in a city park, and I thought he might need a date.” 


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